Tourist facilities

The Pearl-Qatar:

A group of modern artificial islands, characterized by a sophisticated architecture, featuring a wide range of residential towers, shopping centers and hospitality and entertainment facilities, in addition to a beautiful beach tailored to various tastes.


Souq Waqif:

Souq Waqif combines heritage and originality with distinguishing traits of modern cities. This time- honored market, which is the most acclaimed tourist destination in Doha, came to be famous for selling traditional handicrafts and products. Souq Waqif also includes various restaurants and cafes.



The State of Qatar has a wide range of modern commercial complexes with sophisticated architectural styles that include a variety of shops and international as well as local restaurants.  The most popular malls are:




The Doha Corniche:

The Doha Corniche is a recreational facility dedicated to citizens and residents.  Some visitors come to exercise, jog and use free sports equipment. The Corniche is a divine nature masterpiece, with a view of the Doha Towers in Al-Dafna on the background. It is a waterfront park stretching around Doha Bay. With a seven-kilometer area, the Corniche offers stunning views of the city to include high-rise buildings, the city’s business center and the Museum of Islamic Art. Traditional wooden boats roaming the clear waters of the Gulf reflect the charm of the city’s past and history.


MIA Park :

Adjacent to the Museum of Islamic Art, visitors can enjoy the view of a large park and participate in activities there. The park also includes two booths, offering food and beverages, where visitors can sit for a meal and enjoy a unique view of Doha from the best location in the city.


Aspire Park:

Aspire Park is the largest recreation ground in Qatar, offering all visitors a variety of entertainment options aiming at enhancing healthy lifestyles. The Aspire garden includes specially designed tracks for jogging and running enthusiasts.