• Doha TRIBECA Film Festival:

It is a five-day film festival held annually in Doha. The festival was founded in 2009 to promote Arab and international film and to develop film industry in Qatar.


  • Ajyal Film Festival:

It is an annual event held in Doha and established in 2013. It is concerned with the production of animated movies as well as documentaries and short films.


  • Qumra International Forum:

Having a special focus on filmmakers who are going through their first experiences, this festival was founded in early 2014 to develop promising movie production talent.


  • Souq Waqif Equestrian Festival:

The festival aims to highlight the size and quality of the breeds in Qatar as well as owners and breeders’ keenness to always acquire and produce the best breeds. This is positively reflected on the level of the festival and the quality of the horses involved. The tournament is run according to the regulations of ECAHO, the European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations responsible for Horses beauty pageants all over the world. In addition, the participation of many international referees accredited by the ECAHO better serves in the interest of the tournament and provides a great deal of credibility and justice to the results.


  • Doha International Book Fair:

 It is one of the most important international exhibitions in the region, for the most important Arab and international publishing houses participate in this event. It is an opportunity to hold forums and symposia to conduct discussion tackling the most prominent issues of knowledge.


  • Katara Traditional Dhow Festival:

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) organizes the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival, which is held in November of every year since 2011. The festival is of great importance due to the wide regional and international participation. This festival has been on top of the cultural and traditional events that the Foundation hosts each year. It has also gained an important and high-level reputation in the local, regional and international levels, for its abundant events and activities that highlight all the details of the maritime tradition and connect generations to their ancestors’ legacy.


  • Katara Oud Festival:

This festival is held at the Opera House in Katara. It includes a series of events and musical evenings, with the participation of the elite of artists, musicians, and oud players from various countries. It is an opportunity for oud lovers in Qatar, the Gulf region and the world, where many special musical and artistic evenings are presented.


  • Katara Prize for Poet of the Prophet:

The Katara Prize for the Poet of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is an annual prize launched by the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara in 2015, in the light of a proposal submitted by Al Rasoul TV. The Prize is managed and fully sponsored and supervised by the Foundation through the Prize Management Committee.


  • Al-Galayel Festival

Al-Galayel Championship for hunting with falcons is one of the most important and exciting championships in the world, for the practice of hunting with falcons is a reality that reflects the skills of the Qatari hunter in the traditional hunting methods inherited and known in Arab and Qatari culture in particular. The competition takes place in Al-Galayel area, which is located in the south of Qatar within a nature reserve. The competitors are supposed to hunt the largest number of game (deer, houbara bustard and curlews).