Vision, Mission and Values

Towards a conscious society with  an authentic conscience and a healthy body

The building of a vision of culture and sports requires collective thinking, expansion of the circle of consultancy and paying attention to perceptions of actors in the fields of culture and sports. Therefore, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has elaborated the vision based on the state’s tendencies mentioned in the speeches of His Highness the Prince, and depending on the  Qatar National Vision 2030 and the vision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as through taking advantage of the proposals of its departments.

General Framework of Vision:

The features of the vision of the Qatari character’s components, which the ministry seeks to achieve within a whole generation, are clear. However, this vision needs a quiet revolution in the fields of culture and sport, which would be gradual by the factor of accumulation and comprehensive of all fields.

This vision is based on values ​​that Qataris have known since ancient times, including generosity, talking less and doing more, respecting others and good manners, giving them meaning to their lives amid the circumstances of consumer civilization.

Vision Objective:

Awakening the individual’s behavior: “As for anyone – be it man or woman – who does righteous deeds, and is a believer withal – him shall We most certainly cause to live a good life. And most certainly shall We grant unto such as these their reward in accordance with the best that they ever did.” (97 An-Nahl)

Our ancestors have left us a rich heritage, and it is time to take advantage of this richness, as appropriate to our time, in a way to develop it, take guidance from its fundamentals; and we derive from it its elements of strength so that we can form our own culture, and then in turn leave a legacy for generations to come.

The vision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports aims at awakening the Qatari individual by means of culture and sport, in order to achieve a life path, in which people determine their choices and commitments, thanks to their will to innovation, change, and creation of the future. This will is based on the principle of choice and initiative, so that the person will not be a passive or negative being, but rather active in the community and responding to the appeal of succession.

Vision Components: “Consciousness, Conscience and Healthy Body”

The vision aims to achieve a better future for the Qatari community, standing for the citizens sharing history, environment, setting, heritage, hopes, aspirations and interests.

The vision consists of:

  • Conscious community: “Then will you not give thought”

Consciousness is at the root of activity and straight path, for it has the ability to store data, appreciate and guarantee the sanity of perception. It is mainly built upon three key elements:

  1. Data storage: Understanding the main origins of the idea.
  2. The idea: Place critical importance on the idea, until reaching the a sound perception.
  3. Approach: Enlightening the mind, through establishing a way of thinking, which depends on one’s knowledge of the cultural and social environment.

The idea is related to visualization, because it can bring it to be realized. For example, what is the point of buying colors and not using them? If you have no idea about the way to use these colors to create a painting, then why have the idea without a drawing technique?

Man also seeks to acquire the idea and techniques to succeed in painting the picture of his own life.


  • Authentic Conscience:

“Do not be alarmed man since God knows the secrets and the deeds”.

Conscience is an internal feeling, formed thanks to the experience the human being acquires while toiling in society. As a result, a flood of various feelings inhabits inside this individual, some  of which are pleasant and others painful. Collective conscience is beneficial for individuals, for it preserves the memory of the ancestors which passes not only knowledge but also psychological features. It is a set of genuine values, such as honesty, simplicity, modesty, supporting the vulnerable and rescuing the ones in need of help.


Conscience branches off to feeling, visualization, attention and imagination. It grows with the improvement of the human life experience and contributes to the preservation of awareness and its immunity thanks to the active conscience. Therefore, it protects consciousness from clashing  with values or diverting from common sense.


For example, what is the value of consciousness in case the environment in which it is supposed to grow is unhealthy? Would it grow and be productive? Conscience is the fertile soil where awareness is instilled, protected and nurtured. If the soil was waste then awareness, if grown inside it, will only be thistles.


  • The Healthy Body: “You owe a duty to your body”

Taking care of one’s body, whether health or appearance, is very crucial for the human being. Both consciousness and conscience cannot grow inside an ill body, for they need balance and complementarity. A sound and healthy body needs care at every age and an understanding of its needs. Taking care of the body also include calling to improve human aesthetics, for appearance reflects the development of the taste of the community and its keenness on improving life aesthetics.


Institutional Values



Employees are keen on adhering to the ministry’s vision, goals and values. They are committed to the highest standards of professionalism in their roles and responsibilities.


The ministry encourages creative thinking, seeking to see things from a different perspective, with the aim of finding better solutions and alternatives.


The ministry works as a united team aiming  to achieve the vision. The team’s behavior is bound to its values.


The ministry is keen on achieving honesty in terms of promise, action and objectivity, as well as providing information and adhering to the principle of accountability. All the employees at the ministry care less about personal interests.